• DATA Science Practice Head

Experience Range 12 - 16 Years

Skills Data Science Practice head
Job Description
About Us
EVRY India and EVRY USA are wholly owned subsidiaries of TietoEVRY, a leading digital services and software company headquartered in Finland with annual revenues of around USD 3.3 billion. TietoEVRY employs around 24,000 experts globally and is recognized as the #1 IT services and #1 financial services company in the Nordics. TietoEVRY serves thousands of enterprises and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. We foster a culture of continuous learning and focus on helping our customers in accelerating their digital journey to scale business advantage. Be it talent, speed to market, innovation, or cross-pollination of ideas across markets, TietoEVRY leverages USA and India operations to compete locally as well as globally.
Roles and Responsibility

This position is part of Tietoevry Digital Innovation team to lead data science practice. He/she will be responsible for helping the organization leverage data, working with and through a team of data scientists and engineers to provide valuable direction and insight, for management to make informed decisions.

At least 7 to 10 years of experience in Data Science with the ability to deliver enterprise projects using open-source technologies. Seasoned thought leader with problem-solving and critical thinking ability. Should have hands-on exposure and experience to GenAI and the latest technology stack in this space.



Education: BE/B.TECH/ME/M.TECH//MS (from the reputed institute) with computer science /Mathematics and Statistics

Years of Experience12-16 Years


  • Lead a team size of 3-5 data scientists.
  • Creating Strategy and roadmap for data-driven solutions and transformation for customers
  • Responsible for communicating analytics model behavior/results to business and customers and influencing revenue growth targets.
  • Creating a culture of innovation, competency development, and determining best practices
  • Responsible for carrying out technical risk analysis and reliability assessments.
  • Responsible for performing complex analyses, including optimization, text analytics, machine learning, social-science modeling, advanced statistical analysis, parametric and non-parametric statistical models, and techniques.



  • Client/Stakeholder Management experience of at least 5+ years
  • Collaboration with business units across the organization to identify and refine opportunities for data-driven features.
  • Able to create strategy and roadmap for the Data Science Team using the latest trends and technologies, create newer technical solutions, and convert into offerings.
  • Ability to create and manage external partnerships with industry, and academia.
  • Ability to drive customer conversations with the right value proposition.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with the ability to lead, mentor, and coach the team.
  • Experience of People Management & Project Management experience

Technical Expertise:

  • Develop advanced quantitative modules using a variety of programs/software to support predictive assessments.
  • Experience in data science in terms of standard and emerging analytic techniques in estimation, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction or recommendation etc.
  • Fine-tune and serve LLMs to help build best-in-class solutions on NLP and Generative AI
  • Be curious about new industry learnings, startups utilizing LLMs in novel ways, and other ways the real world is utilizing LLMs.
  • Conduct experiments and benchmarking to assess the performance of various model architectures and optimize hyperparameters.
  • Apply, discover, and research techniques to optimize existing LLM training and serving, as well as improve the model quality.
  • Generate comprehensive client corpus data from various systems for LLM use cases.
  • Build and maintain production-ready ML pipelines.
  • Worked on Computer Vision, Sequence Models, Speech and Text, and other structured data including time series analysis.
  • Experience in Deep Learning on TensorFlow, H2O, Theano or other platforms.
  • Experience in SparkML/ MLOps/ AzureDevOps
  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern data science and product/web analytics tools and techniques, including Python and associated data science ecosystem, Machine Learning, Google Cloud Data platform: BigQuery, Dataflow, etc.
  • Experience across a range of algorithms and methods in data preparation and analysis.
  • Experience in predictive analytics and/or ML tools such as SAS, SparkML
  • Should be comfortable with the Agile way of working.
  • Understands thoroughly at least 1 domain such as Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, or Manufacturing

Recruiter Name Pallavi
Recruiter Email Id pallavi.bambha@tietoevry.com
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